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Implicit or Explicit Solutions: Which Are Best?

The comments to date on implicit solutions relate only to the simplest systems of equations. In more mathematically challenging hyperbolic problems such as fluid dynamics, implicit solutions are no longer unconditionally stable.

Stability fundamentally relates to the propagation of waves of infor…

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Calibration and Validation: Is there a methodology to deal with errors in calibration and validation at a gauging station?

Often modellers are asked to make an estimate of calibration and verification accuracy based on errors in matching the hydrographs measures at gauging sites. I suggest this starts at the wrong end in analysing these errors, because the modeller has to deal with a mixture of level errors (at the gaug…

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When do we need a supercritical flow solution?

The textbook analysis of the direction of flow control in steady flow makes life  unnecessarily complicated for modellers, as it assumes the solutions along the forward and backward dynamic wave characteristic are of equal importance. In practice the forward (downstream) characteristic is always d…

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