AULOS software models interconnected open and closed channels

Download AULOS and use it - FREE!

AULOS Version 5 is now available for download by clicking the button below. When you click this you will be taken to the Box file storage site, which tells you it can't display an icon. Ignore this note and press the Download button on the Box site to start the download of a 10.6MB file into your Downloads folder. This file is the AULOS installer.  (If you are worried about downloading a possible malicious imposter file, the exact size of the correct one is 11,202,100 bytes.)

We believe we have got it working fine, but obviously can't test it in every possible environment so it may need some tweaking. Do see if you can get it to do what you want it to do, but read the tutorials and examples first and as you go. This is an extraordinarily powerful tool, but does require careful setting up.

You will be asked to register each time you use it, until you finally succumb and tell us who you are. Not registering does not stop you from using AULOS, but we hope you will get sick of the nag screen and contact us! After that we won't pester you with advertising, we promise.

We want to hear from you about your experience, good or bad - please address your comments to Alastair at

When you are installing AULOS, you can ignore warnings about safety and not installing correctly. We have tested the installer many times.

Download AULOS by clicking HERE

The following programs are available by contacting Dr Barnett:


AulosGrid is an optional separate package that processes the saved results of an AULOS model. It transforms the standard compact result format into map grid files compatible with mapping software such as Surfer, or GIS software. AulosGrid provides data for a series of inundation and flow vector maps at any user-specified 2D resolution down to 1m x 1m for all channels where cross-section map references are given. Contact HYDRA if you wish to explore this option.


AULOSLay is an independent program for producing map files, which processes the files produced by AULOSGrid, or appropriate files produced by other programs. It allows you to select model results for particular moments (“snapshots”) and process them for input to Surfer or similar mapping packages.

Maps may be prepared showing a choice of depth, water level, local flux vectors, or flow velocities at grid resolutions down to 1m x 1m. For example, depth and velocity vectors can be mapped by overlaying a gridded digital Terrain File (e.g. a Lidar-based DTM). AULOSLay is included in the AULOS installer package.


AULOSOut is a free utility which can be used to tabulate selected results in terms of all common flow parameters such as friction slope from existing AULOS result files. This means that AULOS result files can be archived alone and still support result post-processing even if a need for this was not forseen at the time the model was run.

AULOSOut can be used on result files from all versions of AULOS. It is included in the AULOS installation package.

 Available AULOSOut Parameters

The AULOSOut utility offers a choice of a wide range of flow parameters in three groups:

1. Result Parameters

These are level h and flow Q, the basic results from which all others can be computed.

2. Depth Parameters

The level h can be presented as three types of depth - the Left Freeboard, Maximum Depth and Right Freeboard.

3. Derived Parameters

Provided the "Model" option has not been switched off by the user for the run which produced the result file, the following parameters can be selected for tabulation:

  • Area A
  • Surface Width B
  • Wetted Perimeter P
  • Hydraulic Radius R = A/P
  • Mean Velocity V = Q/A
  • Velocity Head vh = V2/2g
  • Energy Head H = h + vh
  • Friction Slope Sf
  • Celerity c = (gA/B)1/2
  • Froude No Fr = V/c